Welcome to Fortune Capital Management Services, Inc.

Since beginning operations in 1998 with a single multifamily condominium conversion, FCP has navigated the volatile economic environment while successfully acquiring and converting numerous multifamily communities. As FCP’s successes and profits grew, the company began to diversify. In addition to investment opportunities, FCP has expanded its focus to include support services which enhance its real estate operations. Operating under the FCP banner, Fortune Capital Management Services and FCP Realty Associates play an integral role in the company’s success. Fortune Capital Management Services provides asset management, property management, accounting and investor reporting services, while FCP Realty Associates provides leasing and brokerage services for FCP’s managed real estate holdings. Specializing in multifamily and residential condominiums, FCP’s affiliates are best in class. Our residents and their homes are our #1 priority, and we accomplish this goal with our overall approach to service….

“Community Service is calling, no need for stalling”